Logs and Firewood


Our logs are kiln dried and burn cleanly because of the low moisture content. We deliver free of charge in a 12 mile radius of in Lambourn. This includes Wantage, Grove, Childrey, East Hendred, Hungerford, Aldbourne, Shefford.

We also operate a contract logging service where we process your wood into logs on site using our firewood processing machine.

Kiln Dried - burns clean, less soot, more heat - click HERE to find out more about Kiln Dried Logs

Winter 2019 Log Prices:

High quality, clean, kiln dried birch logs delivered to your house. Moisture content guaranteed below 20%

1.5 cubic meters: £150 incl vat @ 5%  (approximately 330 logs)

3 cubic meters: £280 incl vat @ 5% (approximately 660 logs)

Stacking in your wood store shed - £10 per load

Kindling - £10 for 3 nets

We ship full crates throughout the UK. Click HERE for more details and prices

We provide a personal service geared to what you need whilst remaining competitive. All logs are unloaded by hand which means you receive a clean load of logs without any sawdust, loose bark of other waste which you may need to dispose of. We will stack the logs for you in your logstore for a small extra charge (as long as your log store is a reasonable distance from where we can park the tipping trailer or delivery truck).




One crate contains 3 cubic meters of loose logs




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