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Tree planting and management

In collaboration with a licenced arboriculturalist we provide a wide range of tree management services including:

Planting - All varieties and sizes from saplings to larger trees with root balls.

Felling - subject to checks with tree officers to ensure there are no felling restrictions or preservation orders

Dead Wooding – Removal of all dead material within the tree.

Crown Cleaning – Removal of rubbing branches, dead and diseased wood, split, broken or damaged and epicormic growth from within the canopy of the tree.

Pollarding – Removal of all of all growth back to the main trunk. Leaving only the major “framework” of the tree

Crown Reduction – Crown reduction decreases the extent of the crown without decreasing its density. This is usually expressed as percentage of the whole crown area and not just the top of the tree.

Crown Lifting – The complete removal of the trees lower branches back to the main trunk or the reduction in length of lowest branches. This increases the height of the canopy from the base of the tree.

Crown Thinning – Removal of selected branches from within the canopy to allow more light through the trees canopy.

Tree Surveys - from an honest verbal assessment to a full written report we will give you best advice as to the condition of a tree.

Leyland cypress (leylandii) hedge reduction or removal a speciality.

We are fully insured to carry out tree work both on private premises and on the public highway.

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